Design and construction

Cover for Normandie book Volume 2A hardback book covering in great detail the design, construction, launch and trials of French Line’s historic liner Normandie.

The first volume in this monumental five-part series, it covers the conception, design, construction and trials of Normandie. French Line’s flagship from the mid-1930s, her interiors were an Art Deco masterpiece. However, it was Yorkevitch’s hull design that was to prove the breakthrough in marine engineering, and is the basis for most liner hulls today and ensured her place in maritime history.

CGT’s early history and design of Normandie

This volume covers the early history of CGT (French Line) and their earlier vessels. It then explains the reasons behind the design and building of the ship. It also examines the need for a new hull design, the best method of propulsion and the new slip and drydock needed to accommodate the vessel. From keel laying to trials, all aspects of Normandie‘s construction are covered. This volume also covers engineering and crew areas. 

Other books in this series cover the Art Deco interiors, the maiden season winning the Blue Riband on the North Atlantic, the following years of service and then the fire and salvage.

A marvellous resource (the full Normandie set) – I wish this had been available years ago! John Maxtone-Graham

Your Normandie books hold a revered space on my bookshelf. Mario Pulice

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126 pages with 550 photographs. £38.00 plus shipping