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The complete history

normandie-all-fiveAll five volumes in the history of French Line’s Normandie, at an amazing 20% discount.

In these five volumes, the reader can follow the entire history of this liner, from concept, through design. From construction to launch. From finishing to trials. And then the triumphant maiden voyage!

This was to be the greatest floating Art Deco masterpiece ever assembled, with work from every famous French artist and decorator from this period. The company and the nation were determined to make Normandie represent the best of France.

Normandie‘s full history

The five successful years of her commercial life are detailed in these beautifully illustrated and published books.

Internment, fire and salvage

Following the events of September 1939, Normandie was laid up at New York, pending the outcome of the situation in  Europe. Once America had entered the war, plans were drawn up for the best use of Normandie – aircraft carrier, aircraft transporter, hospital ship, troopship. Finally conversion work to a troopship was started, but following a series of incompetent decisions and careless workmen, tragically she caught fire and rolled over at her pier.

Too badly damaged to be worth trying to save, the decision was taken to undertake the largest salvage operation to date. After months of dangerous work by divers and salvage crews, she was righted, and then towed off to be scrapped.

A marvellous resource (the full Normandie set) – I wish this had been available years ago! John Maxtone-Graham

Your Normandie books hold a revered space on my bookshelf. Mario Pulice

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700+ pages, 2,600+ photographs and three throwout deck plans.
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