SS United States maiden voyage

America’s Superliner

Cover for ss United States bookW.F. Gibbs first dreamt of a 1,000-foot liner in 1915. Over the following decades he revised and perfected his design, trying his ideas and dreams in other liners. In 1939 he designed America, in which he tested many of his concepts.

Her successful war service as a high speed troop transport meant that, in 1943, he was asked to finally prepare his plans to design a combined passenger liner and troop transport, using the latest developments in materials and technologies, especially the use of aluminium and high-pressure high-temperature boilers and engines.

Maiden voyage and commercial service

Finally in 1952 ss United States sailed on her maiden voyage as an express liner, gaining the Blue Riband. She was never asked to be a troopship. The dream only lasted 17 years, as the advent of cheap air travel took over, and in 1969 United States was laid up.

SS United States – laid up and idle

Since then various schemes and plans have been proposed for her future, and she has had a number of owners. Currently she is still afloat, albeit totally gutted internally, awaiting the next decision.

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