Purser’s Locker celebrates Queen Mary

queen-mary-maiden-itemsOne of the best sources for ocean liner memorabilia and artefacts is The Purser’s Locker, owned by collector and dealer Jonathan Quayle. As well as a beautiful website detailing the many items he has for sale, he also features an occasional blog with fascinating items of information. The latest covers original items from Queen Mary‘s maiden voyage in 1936.

With Jonathan’s permission, here is a snippet from that blog – we highly recommend you head over to purserslocker.co.uk and read the full article.

“May 1936, Cunard White Star finally introduced the world to its new ship of state, RMS Queen Mary. It was the event of the year, anyone who was anyone wanted to be onboard that first voyage, from all walks of life, up and down the country.

A myriad of souvenirs were produced. Hundreds of companies celebrated the event by producing countless articles. All of those articles that survive today are highly prized and valuable, but perhaps the best of these are the items that Cunard White Star produced or commissioned themselves to be sold or given out on the day. The list of ‘official’ souvenirs was endless. Some of the more memorable items to find might be a set of 6 solid silver spoons produced by a Southampton jeweller or why not get an ash tray issued by the company who manufactured her four propellers, modelled as one of those props, the blades even turn!”

To read the full article, head to pursers locker.co.uk