SS United States at sea


A marvellous resource (the full Normandie set) – I wish this had been available years ago! John Maxtone-Graham

Your Normandie books hold a revered space on my bookshelf. Mario Pulice

Every success with the new book … wonderful!  Bill Miller

The books arrived in great order! Am trying to read both at the same time. Love them, the pull-out deck plans are awesome. Mike Ralph

I just finished reading the SS United States book and it is excellent.  Full of well-researched detail that other books miss. Don Leavitt

I really enjoyed the book on Majestic.  It has to be the most comprehensive book on the ship. Larry Miller

Thanks for the books, they arrived safely and are immaculate. As always, they are a joy to read and the variety of photographic material continues to astound me.  Philip Massaad

Today I received the ordered books and they are very nice indeed. Thanks very much for your extra help.  Rob Pater

You are one of my favorite maritime authors! Thanks for helping me learn so much and feed my passion for 20th-century North Atlantic liners. David Cordes

I’m very pleased to receive your beautiful books (Imperator, Vaterland and Bismarck) that I have read such good things aboutStefan Heimpel

German Greyhounds arrived on Thursday.  Wonderful, superb, unparalleled…and whatever other positive adjectives that may apply! Brad Hatry

I received the German Greyhounds yesterday.  It’s an excellent book!  I wish I had ordered it three months ago. William Topper

I received Vaterland/Leviathan and am very impressed with it. I’ll certainly be ordering the volumes on Imperator and Bismarck. I’m especially impressed with the photographs and spent the first day or so simply looking and have only begun reading. Tom Williams

I was pleasantly surprised to find that maritime author Les Streater now has a website offering his books for sale. He has published quite a few more books than I knew about, including a book on the five German four-stackers of the turn of the 20th Century, and a five volume series on the Normandie. Anyone who has purchased his books in the past knows that Les is a diligent researcher on the liners, and he has the knack of finding and cramming his books full of many rarely seen photos. Russell Friesen

Here was a liner (L’Atlantique) that was the style forerunner to the Normandie and I knew nothing about it. This wonderful book brought it to life vividly. I would buy anything from the author – it was meticulously put together, not thrown together to just put something out. Marine authors take note of how it should be done. Scott D. Baus



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