About us

at-gardensLes Streater lives in England, and has been writing books and articles on famous ocean liners and other shipping-related topics for over four decades. He began in 1963 working alongside the famed maritime author E.C. Talbot-Booth. One of their earliest collaborations was on the classic work Merchant Ships, which involved creating hundreds of scale drawings and preparing detailed notes on each ship.

Later years saw Les working on a number of aviation journals, as well as supplying technical articles to shipping magazines.

Then in 1990 he returned to writing shipping books, in partnership with his brother, Ron, also a well-known shipping author and publisher. The first book was on the design, construction and early service of Cunard’s Queen Mary, followed by a book on another famous Cunarder, Aquitania.

The next three books were published by a well-known publishing house. In 2001, his book, Berengaria: Cunard’s Happy Ship, was published before completing a volume on Queen Mary before and during her career as a troopship in World War Two.  This was followed in 2005 by a lavishly illustrated book on l’Atlantique. Whilst not the most beautiful ship externally, her stunning interiors were classic Art Deco, and many of her designers went on to create work for Normandie.

He then decided to handle each project from beginning to end, from the initial research right through to the publishing and selling. This is the selection of books available on this site.


recording the history of famous liners in beautiful hardback books