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The Impact of Lost Time

A4 impact cover=low resA fresh look at the events leading up to the Titanic disaster

How did the many delays during construction contribute to the tragedy?

In a new book, the cascade of events prior to the disaster are carefully analysed. This is the result of years of research, including studying engineers’ reports on the construction of the Olympics, forensic metallurgy reports of wreck samples, and meetings with worldwide experts.

Lost time as it affected Titanic

With 232 pages and 350 photographs covering 11 chapters and 10 Appendices, this book collects and dissects all the events and delays that resulted in Titanic being in the same point on the north Atlantic as a massive iceberg. Construction delays, postponed maiden sailing dates, Olympic’s collision with HMS Hawke, the lost propeller blade, the late change of officers, the near-collision with SS New York, etc., as well as the need for new facilities at Southampton and New York. All events are discussed in detail, with the impact they had on Titanic’s short, tragic life.

The provision of the lifeboats, the wireless installation and its malfunction, the metallurgy of the steel plates and rivets, the effects of the coal strike and the bunker fire are all studied and covered in detail. Expert guidance is given on the formation and likely route of the iceberg.

Also covered are the construction of the gantries, slips, docks and drydock needed for the construction and operation of the Olympic Class – at the time the world’s largest vessels.

This is not another conspiracy book! It deals with the facts as far as they are currently known, from the initial designs through to the moment of impact in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. It has drawn together information and details from many sources into one central reference book.

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