24th January 1934 –
Aquitania goes aground

aqui aground 1935After the regular annual refit during December 1933, on 3rd January 1934 Aquitania returned to service. On her second departure from Southampton, on 24th January 1934 Aquitania ran aground off Calshot Spit in the Solent. The tide was still rising, and with the aid of several local tugs she was soon pulled free, and was able to resume her crossing.

10-04-35-aground sotonAfter her next annual refit, Aquitania resumed the trans-Atlantic run on 23rd January 1935. On 31st January she left New York for another Mediterranean cruise, which was repeated on 9th March. In April 1935, entering the Solent during a 60mph gale as she returned from her second cruise, she grounded again, this time on the Brambles mudbank, Thorne Knoll, in Southampton Water. With the tide already dropping, it was decided to take passen­gers off by tender, and gallons of fuel oil was pumped out to tenders brought alongside, in an attempt to lighten her. Although she was undamaged, it took a whole day – and eleven tugs – to successfully pull her off.