4th January – wartime shipping losses

1916: Coquet. Owned by Mercantile Shipping. Built in 1904 by Raylton Dixon, she was 4,396grt, 360 feet. Captured by German submarine U34, Captain Rücker, in the Mediterranean, and sunk by bombs. 17 lost.

1917: Wragby. Owned by Ropners. Built 1901, she was 3,641grt. Captured and sunk by gunfire by German submarine UC37, Captain Launburg, off Cape Sparkle. En route from Wales to Gibraltar with a cargo of coal.

rewa-111918: Rewa. Owned by British India. Built 1906 by Dennys. She was on Government service as Hospital Ship No. 5, and clearly marked as such. Torpedoed and sunk in the Bristol Channel by the German submarine U55, Captain Wilhelm Werner. Carrying 279 wounded officers and men from Mudros to Avonmouth. 4 lost.

iolanthe1918: Iolanthe. Owned by London American Trading. Built 1904 by Grays of Sunderland, she was 3,081grt, 325 feet. Torpedoed in the English Channel, off Portland Bill, by German submarine UC75, Captain Lohs. Abandoned and later sank.

1918: Glenarm Head. Owned by Head Line. Built in 1897 by Workman, Clark, Belfast, she was 3,908grt. Torpedoed in the English Channel, some 5 miles off Brighton by German submarine UB30. En route Southampton to Boulogne with a cargo of ammunition. 2 lost.

1942: Kwangtung. 2,626grt. Shelled and sunk in the Java Sea by Japanese submarine I-156. Carrying about 96 crew and  35 military personnel. After being machine gunned in the boats, the submarine rammed lifeboats, only 35 survived.