5th January – wartime shipping losses

1917: Allie. Built in 1899 by Harkess, Middlesborough. Owned by Stone & Rolfe, 1,139grt. She was en route from Swansea to Bordeaux with a cargo of copper sulphate, when she was sunk 10 miles NW of Bouée Baleines by German submarine UB-39, Heinrich Küstner. There were no casualties.

1917: Hudworth. Built 1916 by Blyth Shipbuilding. Owned by Trechmann Bros., 3,966grt. En route from Karachi to Hull with a cargo of barley and seed. Sunk by the German submarine U-35, Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière, 94 miles ESE from Malta. There were no casualties.

1918: Knightsgarth. Built 1905 by Raylton Dixon. Owned by R & JH Rea, 2,889grt. En route from Lough Swilly to Barry. Torpedoed off Rathlin  Island by the German submarine U-91, Alfred von Glasenapp, 5 miles WNW from Bull Point, Rathlin Island. 2 persons were lost.

1918: Rio Claro. Built 1904 by Doxfords, Sunderland. Owner Petersen & Co., 3,687grt.  Torpedoed and sunk in the Mediterranean by German submarine U-63, Captain Hartwig, en route from Leghorn to Cartagena. Curiously, the after portion was refloated in March 1919, a new forward end was in built 1920 and the ship was put back in service.

war-baron1918: War Baron. Built 1917 by North West Steel, Portland, Oregon. Operated by The Shipping Controller, 6,240grt. En route from Southampton to Barry in ballast, was sunk by the German submarine U-55, Wilhelm Werner, 8 miles north-east of the Godrevy lighthouse, St Ives. 2 persons were lost.

1918: Rose Marie. Built 1916 by SP Austin, Sunderland. Owner Rodney Shipping, 2,220grt. En route from Scapa Flow to Barry, in ballast. Sunk by U-61, Captain Dieckmann, in St George’s Channel. 1 lost.

1941: Shakespear. Built 1926 by Duncan, Glasgow. Owner Glover Bros, 5,029grt. In convoy from Liverpool to North America. Attacked by Italian submarine off Senegal and returned fire but was sunk. 20 lost.