2nd April 1890 –
Majestic’s maiden voyage

majestic 1 leaving NYWhite Star’s Majestic, under Captain Parsell, sailed on her maiden crossing from Liv­er­pool on 2nd April 1890. After stopping at Queenstown on 3rd April, she arrived in New York on 10th April, taking 6 days 10 hours west then 6 days 8 hours 58 minutes east, the best maiden voyage to that date.

MAJESTIC-1890Majestic (yard number 209) had been launched at Harland & Wolff on 29th June 1889, and was delivered on 22nd March 1890. She had two triple-expansion engines, each in a separate engine­-room, driving twin propellers. There were twelve double-ended and four single-ended boilers, supplying steam at 180psi. The masts did not have yards, and no sails were ever carried. Accommodation was initially listed as 300 First Class, 170 Second Class and 850 Third Class.