3rd April 1912 –
Titanic at Southampton

Titanic docked SotonAt 8.00pm on 2nd April 1912  Titanic raised her anchors and prepared to leave Belfast. She headed down the Lough and into the Irish Sea. From there she headed into St George’s Channel, past the north Cornish coast, round Land’s End and into the English Channel. As dusk fell she approached the Isle of Wight, then into Spithead. During the trip, Captain Smith took the opportunity to conduct several more tests.

Titanic at soton 1She stopped at the Nab lightship around 10.00pm to collect the local pilot then rounded the Brambles sandbanks into Southampton Water, and headed for Southampton. She was met by five Red Funnel tugs – Ajax, Hector, Hercules, Neptune and Vulcan – to assist her through the channel and into Berth 44 at the White Star Dock. Arriving at high tide, around 11.30pm on 3rd April 1912 the tugs turned her so that she faced downstream, then eased her in towards Berth 44. She was warped in and by just after midnight on 4th April 1912 she was secured at her dock. Earlier Olympic had beeen docked at Berth 44. She sailed on her tenth crossing at noon on 3rd April, leaving the berth vacant and ready for her sister.